1. Will Blofeld Return?

    By daniel on 2000-01-03

    MGM has scored a legal victory with the James Bond franchise, Kevin McLory’s rival seriser has been shutdown indefinetly by the US District Court. The Court has decided that MGM has the sole right to Ian Fleming’s creation.

    While talking about the ruling, MGM provided the following statement, “Today’s ruling closes the book on the dispute surrounding the James Bond films triggered by Sony and Mr. McClory. Sony’s settlement agreement last year and the judge’s decision today to dismiss with prejudice McClory’s claim, reaffirm, once and for all, that MGM and Danjaq are the true home of the James Bond movies.”

    What does this mean for Bond fans? Only that they won’t have a rival Bond series to watch which technically means less Bond movies. It doesn’t truly effect Bond 20, it only means that Bond 20 won’t have any James Bond competition! However, it does open an interesting position for Bond 20 and all future Bonds. This decision by the US Court does mean that future Bonds could feature any of the character from Thunderball including the infamous Earnst Stavro Blofeld. Bond 20 could get very interesting!!