1. Never Say Never Again/Casino Royale (1967) DVD Pack Coming Soon

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-01-25

    In an effort to tie in with the upcoming DVD release of Casino Royale on 19 March in the UK, a double pack containing the unnofficial James Bond films Never Say Never Again and Casino Royale (1967) is also planned to be released on the same day.

    Available to pre-order from, the James Bond: Never Say Never Again / Casino Royale (1967) pack will cost £7.99.

    It is unlikely these films will be in the ‘Ultimate Edition’ format, as there has been no previous announcement and they are considered renegade 007 films.

    Never Say Never Again (Dir. Irvin Kershner, 1983):

    Sean Connery is back for his final performance as super agent James Bond, in this high-velocity action thriller, from the director of The Empire Strikes Back. In this remake of the 1965 spy classic Thunderball, two atomic warheads are hijacked by the evil SPECTRE organization, forcing agent 007 out of retirement and hurling him into an explosive, pulse-pounding race to save the world from nuclear terrorists.

    Casino Royale (1967) (Dir. Val Guest, 1967):
    Things are looking decidedly bleak for British Intelligence, in both senses of the term. SMERSH has begun to sabotage global stability, no less than 11 agents have been lost, and to make matters worse, our greatest secret agent 007 is languishing in stately retirement.

    M – together with the heads of the CIA and KGB – have only one hope: to bring Sir James Bond (David Niven) out of retirement and into the field. Finding himself pitched against an opposition of fiendish intensity – an array of female secret agents armed with explosive grouse; a baccarat-playing illusionist (Orson Welles) and a neurotic megalomaniac (Woody Allen) – Bond launches his brilliant plan… “from now on, all agents will be known as James Bond, including the girls”.

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