1. Roger Michell Discusses Why He Turned Down 'Bond 22'

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-01-24
    Negotiations with Roger Michell for 'Bond 22' fell through

    Negotiations with Roger Michell for Bond 22 fell through

    As previously reported on CBn several months ago, negotiations with Roger Michell to direct the next James Bond film had reportedly fallen through due to ‘creative differences.’

    According to a recent interview in UK newspaper Metro, Michell briefly discussed the offer to direct Bond 22, saying: ‘I got into a bit of a panic at the prospect. At that time, the film was due to start shooting in January, and I just felt this terrible pressure of scrambling to get a script together with the clock ticking. To go into a film like James Bond when you don’t really know what’s happening would be a recipe for hell.’

    With a starting date in January, it is possible Bond 22 could have been released in late 2007.

    Michell’s previous films included Changing Lanes, Notting Hill, and Enduring Love which starred Daniel Craig. As of now, the search for a Bond 22 director continues…

    Stay tuned to CBn for all the latest news on Bond 22.

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