1. Our Look At Nigel Havers

    By daniel on 2000-03-13

    Something that we hand’t found but that someone pointed out to us is that the London Daily Mirror had reported that Nigel Havers HAS met with Barbara Broccoli to discuss the role of the Villain in Bond 20.

    He told the Mirror “I’ve always wanted to play a Bond baddie. It would certainly be playing against type.” This could be true, but it doesn’t seem that Broccoli takes ‘type’ into consideration. Take Johnathon Pryce for instance. On that note Havers has the experience, including an excellent list of acting roles ( hold the best info)

    Havers definetley has a face for a Bond villain. And from a picture you could probably tell a lot. Should Havers get the role his character will not be a muscle character, he’ll be a rich character. Think Elliot Carver or Stromberg. He’ll probably be someone in the public eye as well, Havers has a face that seems warm and friendly.

    On that note (and not knowing anything of the actualy script from our sources) I guess that’s all we can reveal for now. That’s all an assumption of course. As more rumours flood out I guess we’ll find more out.