1. French Academic Conference To Study James Bond

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-01-01

    James Bond will be the topic of a large academic conference this month, reports The Times.

    Organized by the French National Library, the universities of Nanterre and Versailles, and the European Centre for Audiovisual Writing, the three-day conference will focus on ‘Bond’s influence on the British identity, on capitalism, geopolitics, gastronomy and sexuality.’

    ‘Despite a few studies, largely Anglo-Saxon, James Bond literature does not seem to have received the scientific attention that it merits,’ according to the Centre for Cultural History of Contemporary Societies at Versailles University.

    ‘Bond is a cultural phenomenon and it is well worthwhile asking ourselves how this character has managed to cross so many political time zones and remain with us to this day,’ said Vincent Chenille, a researcher at the centre.

    ‘His novels are seen here as the sort of thing you buy in a station while waiting for a train. But they should be treated with more respect than that. Most French people discovered James Bond at the cinema and don’t necessarily realise that he was a literary hero first. We want to rectify that.’

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