1. Kevin Spacey alias SPECTRE No#1??

    By daniel on 2000-11-25

    The rumours have been circulating for quite a while now. And still, EON haven’t given away anything about the film.

    However, the latest rumour, is that, Academy Award winner, Kevin Spacey has supposedly had talks with EON about appearing in Bond 20. Spacey’s agents haven’t said anything officially yet about this. The people at EON are also claiming these all as rumours, and nothing
    “We haven’t made any official offers as yet,” told a source at IGN FilmForce. “Sure, Spacey would be great to have on board but we don’t even have a final script as yet.” No script!! However they do continue to say; “Not as such – there are still a lot of ideas, many of which conflict with one another. I expect it to come together very soon, however.”

    Adapted from IGN FilmForce.