1. Double-Oh-Zeta?

    By daniel on 2000-11-30

    Another story from the British newspaper, The Mirror, claims that Catherine Zeta Jones (The Entrapment), newly wed to film star Michael Douglas (Romance in the Stone), will appear as Bond’s ally in Bond 20.

    The story however, we re unsure whether or not to believe due to the reliability of The Mirror newspaper. You may remember that they said Edward Woodward would be replacing Dame Judi Dench in the role of M., when in fact, MGM told us that it was a “false rumour”. They stated:

    “MGM are happy to report that they have been advised by Eon Productions there is no truth in the recent rumours started by a British tabloid newspaper that DAME JUDI DENCH will be replaced by Edward Woodward in the part of “M” in the next James Bond movie.”

    Although the story may not be true, we certainly hope it is, as Catherine Zeta Jones would be an excellent choice as Bond’s ally in Bond 20!