1. Aston Martin Hits Headlines Again

    By daniel on 2001-07-20

    Ananova has published an article that indicates that car company Aston Martin are eager to place James Bond behind the wheel of on of their new model cars in the upcoming Bond 20.

    This will come as nothing new to readers of this site. Back in January 2001 ‘Film Unlimited’ reported that Aston Martin’s owners Ford had signed a £1,000,000 deal with EON Productions, this story was later denied. Since then the car rumour popped back and forth and we even managed the get our hands on this spy picture of what could be the new Aston Martin Bond will drive:

    These pictures were taken on the M25 Freeway in London not far from the Aston Martin Building and it was reported that 10 of these cars already exist and they have been specially built for Bond 20, they all feature small little extras that we’ll see as Q-Branch Extras.

    Not much later Australia’s ‘Herald Sun’ newspaper confirmed that Bond would drive the Aston Martin Vanquish, again this report was denied.

    Which leads us to todays new.

    Aston Martin hopes Bond will drive the new £158,000 Aston Martin
    Vanquish, which goes on sale in the UK in August.

    But the film’s producers, Eon Productions, said no decision had been
    made about which car would feature. Filming starts next year.

    There’s nothing there that we haven’t already reported. So will Bond drive an Aston Martin in Bond 20?

    The Aston Martin Vanquish

    Before reading my commentry below you should stop off in the Bond 20 Forums. Included in the usual brilliant discussion is the thread Bond 20 Cars which has some fantastic ideas and pictures on the car Bond should drive in the next film, see you there! Now onto my commentry.

    Those tho wish to read no spoilers of Bond 20 should stop reading now, what follows is solely my commentry.

    Will Bond drive an Aston Martin? I suspect so. EON Productions are in a position where the can only confirm facts and deny everything else. They have confirmed that BMW’s contract has expired, that’s a fact, and that a new car will be saught, another fact. Will it be an Aston Martin? Well a lot of car company’s will enter a bidding war to include their car and until such a company signs on the dotted line EON Productions will issue no press releases.

    Keeping in mind that Bond 20 is the 20th Bond film in Bond’s 40th cinematic year I’d say it’s extremely likely that Bond will go back to his first gadget laiden car, the Aston Martin!


    ‘Melv’ very kindly sent in this article from the BBC who have also reported the Aston Martin news.

    Of major interest is this sentence,

    Aston Martin have revealed that they are in talks with film-makers to reunite 007 with their car in the next film, to be shot next year.

    It’s something we presumed, but obviously both Ananova and BBC have been in contact with an Aston Martin representative.