1. Bond Returns To Australian TV

    By daniel on 2001-03-31

    00-Heaven returns to Australian television tonight on Network Ten. With it's 8:30pm timeslot Saturday night this highlights just how popular James Bond is in Australia.

    Tonights epic is Roger Moore's 'Moonraker' co-starring Lois Chiles and Michael Lonsdale.

    While discussing that I have to thank NJ who is helping me (Daniel Dykes) set up the Southern Hemisphere James Bond fan club. She was also kind enough to tip me off about this news. We're looking at running this site through the Australian section of, however, people from any country in the Southern Hemisphere are most welcomed to join (as are all international citizens I guess). You can also get invovled by visiting the all new Australian Forums at! Please help us really get this off the ground.

    Here's Network 10's own review of the show:

    In the 11th installment of the 007 series, director Lewis Gilbert delivers a visually thrilling progression in filmmaking. Roger Moore returns as dashing secret service agent James Bond. This time around Bond must investigate the theft of a space shuttle with help from beautiful CIA agent Dr. Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles) and sexy Euro supermodel Corrine (Corrine Clery). Agent 007 discovers that genocidal maniac-millionaire Hugo Drax (Michel Lonsdale) plans to poison all of humanity from outer space and repopulate earth with only the most perfectly bred humans. A variety of traps and villains awaits Bond, including the recurring character Jaws (Richard Kiel, also featured in The Spy Who Loved Me).

    Filmed in such exotic locations as Southern California, Venice, and the Amazon, Gilbert delivers the formula Bond packet of girls, gadgets, and guns. However, he also goes further, sending Agent 007 into space. Moonraker takes great risks in blending the spy and science fiction genres. In spite of such an unruly coupling, the film rewards viewers with its finale of climactic plot twists and stellar special effects.