1. Brosnan Asks For 2002 Timeslot

    By daniel on 1999-08-09

    It may be a while before we see another James Bond movie after The World Is Not Enough debuts in November. "It's been a very hectic four, five years since doing GoldenEye and I want to give it some space between doing this Bond movie and the next one,'' Brosnan confided to Entertainment Weekly Online. ''At the end of the year, I'm planning to sit back and take stock of things.'' As previously reported, you can count on Brosnan playing 007 at least one more time. ''I don't think my investigation of the role is over yet,'' he told the site. ''I love playing James Bond, and for me it's just gotten sweeter and better. And it's certainly turned my life around.'' Brosnan's push could see Bond 20 coming out a year later than the original suspected 2001 time slot.