1. Bond The Homey Rapster? Please No….

    By daniel on 2001-05-28

    Okay I’m (Daniel ‘Blue Eyes’ Dykes) begging everyone. If this report is true ring up MGM and complain your head off!

    For now please take this report with a pinch of salt! I’m attempting to get in contact with EON Productions to asses it’s validity. Persoanlly, I think it’s absolute tripe (well the most of it anyway).

    The report can be found at and apparently I’m not allowed to copy any part of it, so they don’t get a nice little link either!

    To sum it up:

    MGM would like to increase the finances of the Bond franchise. To do so they believe he should have a more American image.

    To do so MGM wish for Director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour) to direct the film. He, they hope, will bring across the American “hip-hop” feel.

    EON Productions, headed by Barbara Broccoli, are apparently mortified by the notion. Convinced it would turn Bond into another innery city action hero much like Martin Lawrence’s character in Rush Hour. Their preference is apparently Michael Apted, director of The World Is Not Enough.

    Fans of this site will remember reports earlier this year from Dark Horizons where Ratner was mentioned as the Director.

    One can only speculate where this will lead and how valid the article is. You’ll recall MGM pushing for Whitney Houston to be included in Bond 20. Are they seriously going for a more hip-hop feel? Only the future will tell.

    I beg you all to voice your opinion in the Bond 20 Forums. This thread started sometime ago in relation to who should direct Bond 20. See you there!

    Finally I must definetly thank Level007 for sending in this report to me! It’s greatly appreciated!