1. Brosnan Asks For More Sex!

    By daniel on 2001-06-01

    You read right – for the second time Pierce Brosnan is asking for Bond 20 to be a little kinkier. The IMDB have posted an article detailing his urging.

    Brosnan, 48, demanded the producers [of the Bond Films] dump the movies’ kid friendly PG-rating and raunch things up. Expected to quit the
    role next year, he reckons bed scenes are a key part of the dashing spy’s appeal, saying, “If you took the rating off, you could do great things. The sex could be done in a much more interesting, exciting way without being
    damaging to children.” He adds, “In The World Is Not Enough Sophie Marceau
    and I had to do 15 takes of our bedroom sequence just because we saw a
    beautiful nipple. It’s crazy. It’s OK to shoot someone, but don’t show her

    I have heard Brosnan in an interview describe his annoyance at the love scene with Marceau. Brosnan first asked for a spiced up Bond 20 when talking to the LA Times about The World Is Not Enough and The Thomas Crown Affair. You can find that article here.

    This time, however, it seems that former-007 Roger Moore has joined in.

    The 73-year-old Moore scorns, “Those love scenes were so tame. The raciest things about them were the titles (of the films).”

    Well do you want to have your say? You can in the Bond 20 Forums. This thread was just started by me about a kinkier Bond. Feel free to come and chat and have your say!

    Thanks to David Ebersole for sending the news in! Greatly appreciated David!