1. Robbie Williams Doesn't Want To Be James Bond

    By daniel on 2001-07-16

    Only a few months after EON Casting Director denied rumours that Robbie Williams would be considered to take the title role of James Bond the hit singer has denied reports he ever considered playing James Bond.

    It was reported the singer’s gig at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff
    was watched by one of the producers of the James Bond movies.

    “To put paid to all the James Bond stuff, I’ve never wanted to play
    James Bond,” he told Radio 1.

    “The people who run James Bond, who are lovely people, said they didn’t
    want me to play him.

    “I’ve never asked or wanted to play James Bond. I did the Millennium
    video as a pastiche of James Bond and I left it there.”

    Every man wants to be James Bond doesn’t he? Well I’d say the same for Williams, but perhaps it’s just not a career change that he’s after! But well done to him for clearing this up!


    A big big thank you to ‘SmokeGoddess’ for sending this in. In the magazine OK she’s found more of the original interview which we hadn’t previously included. It would seem that Williams knows some of his Bond quotes.

    “Rumours have been circulating that you’re keen to play James Bond after
    Pierce Brosnan?

    I don’t want to do James Bond. I met Barbara Broccoli the other night and
    she’s really sweet. But it’s like, I’m from Stoke-on-Trent and I speak with a
    high pitched voice.

    But Pierce Brosnan’s Irish…

    Yes, but he’s suave and sophisticated while I pee off balconies from hotel

    I don’t want to do a James Bond movie where I’d have to be politically
    correct. I want to slap a girl on the bottom and go: “That’s nice luv, on
    your way, pet. Man talk.” That’s what Sean Connery said in one of them:
    “Felix, meet Bunny. Bunny, meet Felix.” He slaps her on the bottom and goes:
    “Now off you go Bunny, Man talk.” That’s great.”

    If that’s how Williams would play it well, I don’t think the Bond producers would jump at the chance. But as to whether or not Robbie should record the title track of a future James Bond film? Definetley.