1. Daisy Lang Rumoured As Bond Girl

    By daniel on 2001-07-01

    All the other Bond girls now have some competition, should this latest rumour be true.

    Blonde world champion boxer Daisy Lang is hoping to be a knockout
    success after being asked to audition as the next Bond girl.

    Bulgarian by birth, Daisy now lives in Germany, where Bond producers
    tracked her down to beg her to audition for the role as 007’s latest love match.

    The WIBF Junior Bantamweight World Champion is nicknamed ‘The Lady’ in Germany, where her good looks have knocked out boxing fans.

    She says: “This casting’s like a title fight for me. If it works, then it’s a dream come true and I’ve been dreaming about Pierce Brosnan for a long time.”

    Daisy is no stranger to Hollywood and has already starred with the
    likes of Jean Claude van Damme, Val Kilmer and Mel Gibson. This seems to be the only possible thread that would allow for this rumour to be true, at least she has been before a camera before.

    Action producer David Varot says the boxer is a Hollywood dream. “Daisy has the makings of a real action star. She’s got everything it takes – talent, good looks and the necessary sparkle.”

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