1. Mariah Carey To Be Bond Girl?

    By daniel on 2001-07-02

    We’re being made to believe that Bond 20 will be full of singers turned actresses. Everyone will remember the huge news about Whitney Houston appearing in Bond 20. Now it seems Mariah Carey might just as well.

    As tipster ‘Spacebabe’ tells us

    Eon Productions are reportedly in talks with the 31-year-old Carey about a
    possible Bond Girl role in the 20th film of the franchise.

    Carey apparently was offered the role after meeting Bond star Pierce Brosnan
    at a party in London.

    A source close to the world’s biggest-selling female artist is quoted as
    saying “She is really excited. The producers are considering writing a
    character just for her.”

    If you believe that, you believe anything. Why would Brosnan meet Carey at a party and suddenly recommend her to EON Productions to star as a Bond Girl in Bond 20? Are we expected to believe that the Bond producers really work like that? I hope not.

    This news came from Dirtfish Movie News. Also Tim from The 007 Generation (in German) tells us that this rumour has also appeared in the German media.

    Feel free to discuss this in the Bond 20 Forums in this thread created for the discussion of Bond 20 Girls. See you there!

    And again a big thank you to Spacebabe and Tim for sending in the news!