1. Wrapping Up Replacement Rumours

    By daniel on 2001-07-02

    I had originally decided not to report this, afterall I feel I already have. But after a fair few requests I’ve decided I would. Afterall, perhaps it’s not been clear on the site.

    To clear up the whole issue of who will play James Bond in future movies, not just Bond 20 but Bond 21 as well, an EON Spokesperson has declared;

    “Pierce Brosnan will play James Bond in the forthcoming production and for the foreseeable future.”

    And while we will report future media reports of replacements (it is afterall our job) please be sure that no decision to replace Pierce Brosnan would be made till after Bond 20 is completed. Futhermore, it has been rumoured, but never confirmed, that Brosnan has already signed a new contract which states he will do a total of 7 Bond films. We will definetley see Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in Bond 21, it is only his role in Bond 22 that could possibly be ‘up-in-the-air’.

    And finally a big thank you to NJ, David Ebersole and anyone else who sent it in for sending it in! Sorry if I’ve forgotten you.