1. MGM Comment On Official Bond 20 Advert Art

    By daniel on 2001-06-30

    You may recall a few days back we posted an article entitled ‘Official Bond Advert Found‘. Well in relation to that story a new article has appeared on the official James Bond website proclaiming:

    The recent posts of the 40th Anniversary art and Bond 20 art are not
    official. Please continue to check for official art and news.

    I’m not quite sure how to take that. I haven’t seen any 40th Anniversary art (if anyone has please e-mail me, [email protected].

    But onto the Bond 20 Art. This is what I posted:

    If that picture isn’t official, then why does it appear on the official MGM Web site? And as forum user ‘Zencat’ pointed out:

    I was just at MGM where I saw some ad art for Bond 20 in their annual report folder…

    That, I believe, would make it official art.

    Are MGM mistaken or just referring to another picture that has surfaced on other websites? My conclusion is that a site that MGM has visited, or perhaps a newspaper, has incorrectly printed that this is the official Teaser Poster, something which it is not.

    For further information visit the Bond 20 Forums, in particular this thread which Zencat started. It would be great to hear other peoples interpretations of what MGM have released, so please post your own!