1. 'The James Bond Songbook' Coming In October

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-10-07

    While there has been mention of a few James Bond CD collections being rereleased to cash in on the Casino Royale hype, there is one brand new release coming at the end of the month.

    ‘The James Bond Songbook’ is a collection of several themes from the James Bond films, but with a jazz twist. The official details state:

    A hip and groovy jazz take on the world of James Bond from 1965 – the height of the original Bond mania.

    This rare album is seeing its first ever reissue and is taken from the original mastertapes. It is the latest in BGP’s Sound Library series, which is now onto its 3rd volume of filmic instrumental grooves.

    The original album used legendary jazz and session bassist Jimmy Bond and contracted his name to James. Bond was a mainstay of the LA scene, playing with jazzers such as Charlie Parker and Elmo Hope, and with Phil Spector, Randy Newman and Frank Zappa (on his Lumpy Gravy project) amongst others.

    The group on this CD includes some of the finest jazz talent on the West Coast, including a brilliant horn and reed line-up of Harold Land on tenor, Buddy Collette on flute and tenor and Bobby Bryant on trumpet.

    Set for release in October, ‘The James Bond Songbook’ can be pre-ordered from both and The track list includes:

    • 1. Thunderball
    • 2. Casino Royale
    • 3. The Man With The Golden Gun
    • 4. From Russia With Love
    • 5. Theme From “Dr No”
    • 6. Moonraker
    • 7. James Bond Theme
    • 8. For Your Eyes Only
    • 9. Goldfinger
    • 10. Live And Let Die
    • 11. Diamonds Are Forever
    • 12. You Only Live Twice

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