1. John Barry Not Bonding With The Modern 007

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-10-03

    John Barry, composer of a record 11 James Bond films, isn’t bonding with the modern 007, according to a report from the International Express.

    ‘I haven’t been a Bond fan in a long time,’ he says. ‘I gave up after The Living Daylights in 1987. I had exhausted all my ideas, rung all the changes that were possible. It was a formula that had run its course. The best had been done as far as I was concerned…’

    ‘There used to be one solid school of people. When that broke down [after Saltzman left the series in the mid-70s], I didn’t know who was running the show anymore. That’s why when you see them on television, you don’t say “Oh no, it’s an old Bond”, you say “Wow, it’s an old Bond, that’s great”‘. ‘Forget it, I’ll watch something else,’ says Barry, when it comes to some of the newer James Bond films.

    And while the Academy Award and Grammy-winning composer is still friends with current producer Barbara Broccoli, he will reportedly not be rushing out to see Casino Royale when it is released.

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