1. More Bond 20 Directors Mentioned

    By daniel on 2001-06-29

    The rumour mill for the Bond 20 Director has grown today with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ going to print with an article on MGM’s choices for directors.

    The two names they have mentioned are

    • Stuart Baird. To date Baird has only directed two films: 1996’s Executive Decision starring Kurt Russel and 1998’s US Marshals starring Tommy Lee Jones. However, he has to his credit as an Editor an awesome amount of films; including the recently released Tomb Raider and Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible II. Other to his credit include some of the Lethal Weapon series and Superman I and II.
    • Stephen Hopkins. Having worked primarily as a director Hopkins directing such films as Lost In Space, Blown Away and Predator 2.

    This news comes as a surprise to me. Informant ‘Fozzco’ had heard that the director had already been signed up for the film. Director Michael Apted, who directed The World Is Not Enough, was announced in Variety in August of 1998 so we’re expecting the official announcement to come in July or August this year; meaning there isn’t that long to wait now.

    The list is still growing as to who will direct Bond 20. And you can discuss it in the Bond 20 Forums. There are quite a few threads relating to the director including this one, which is the better of them. And if you’re looking for the other reports we had on Bond 20 Directors check out the Latest News section for the old posts.

    And finally a big big thanks to ‘Beamer’ for sending in the report!