1. 'The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book' Now Shipping

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-10-02

    Following its early release in Barnes & Noble bookstores across the US, The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book, by Deborah Lipp (a member of the CBn forums) is now shipping from and

    The book, covering many of the aspects of the James Bond film series, will run at an impressive 526 pages and is published in the UK and US by Sterling & Ross. An excerpt about the new book from the official website ( follows:

    The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book is a never-before compiled compendium of lists, facts, anecdotes, trivia, commentary, photos and much, much more, about the most valuable movie franchise in movie history. Filled with minutiae culled from the far-reaches of the planet, The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book is your one-stop shop for all things Bond, including a detailed listing of every Bond movie ever made, the actors, the guns, the gadgets, the girls, the cars and everything in-between. A must for even the casual Bond fan.

    • Best Girls.
    • Worst Songs.
    • Best Actors.
    • Number of Explosions.
    • Quantity of Vodka Martinis.
    • Favorite One-Liners.
    • Most evil villains.
    • and so much more…

    The book is currently discounted to $13.57 at

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    Order The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book from