1. Nigel Havers Back As Bond 20 Baddie

    By daniel on 2001-06-28

    It seems the Nigel Havers rumour just won’t die. Bond 20 @ BHM followers will recall that he was the very first person rumored at playing the villain in Bond 20 way back in September 1999, in fact he was the first rumoured role for Bond 20. You must remember, The World Is Not Enough didn’t premiere till November 1999.

    Back the we reported

    According to the Mr. Showbiz website, Broccoli is in negotiations with British actor Nigel Havers (Chariots of Fire, Empire of the Sun) to take on the next film’s villainous role. The site quotes the actor from Matthew Wright’s London Daily Mirror column, saying, “I’ve always wanted to play a Bond baddie. It would certainly be playing against type.”

    Now in a new article in the Daily Express, kindly sent in by forum use SpaceBabe, it seems that Havers has confirmed that he will have a role in Bond 20, though it may not be the main villain. The reason he’s sure about a role? Producer Barbara Broccoli promised it to him, afterall they are great friends.

    “…I want to be a villain,” [explains Havers], “and Barbara, who is a great friend, has promised me I’ll be in the next fil. It will be a lot of fun to play against Pierce.”

    If Havers, and of course the Daily Express, are telling the truth then he may land the major role. The article states that he won’t as it has already been offered to actor Kevin Spacey. However, the Spacey rumour was denied by EON Productions some time ago. So perhaps Havers will take the role of villain in Bond 20. Of course nothing is confirmed till all parties sign on the dotted line.

    If you’d like to view the full article please click here, it is an image. But don’t just read the article, read some reactions in the Bond 20 Forums! In the Bond 20 Forums you’ll find this thread which SpaceBabe has just started about the article! See you there!

    And finally a big thank you to SpaceBabe for sending in the article!