1. A Small Look At The Aston Martin DBS

    By daniel on 2001-06-22

    David Winter takes this brief look at the Aston Martin DBS which appeared in George Lazenby's only outing as Bond, On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

    This sports car doesn’t have the gadgetry of the DB5, but it does have a telescopic rifle built into a glove compartment.

    The car is featured in the opening sequence of the film where we see Bond light his cigarette from his gunmetal case. Tracy overtakes Bond, in which he pursues her to the beach where he saves prevents her from comitting suicide.

    Once he’s done this, Tracy uses the car to speed back to her Cougar which awaits her at the top of the beach, on the road.

    The car is also featured right at the end of the film where Tracy is shot by Irma Bunt, just after their (Bond’s and Tracy’s) wedding.

    Two cars were used in the creation of OHMSS, and they now both belong to private collectors. One in Australia, and the other in the UK.