1. 'TWINE' And The Rumoured Titles

    By daniel on 2001-06-26

    Like all of the recent James Bond films ‘The World Is Not Enough’ had its fair share of rumoured titles, and titles that, well, never made it.

    It’s official working title was aptly ‘Bond 19’. TWINE is afterall the 19th official James Bond film. This title was used by both EON Productions, the films producers, and MGM, the films distributor.

    The next working title adapted for TWINE was ‘Bond 2000’, that’s what we’re told anyway. It was reported that this title was used by EON Productions only back in 1998. Whether or not it was actually used it unknown, but atleast one media source reported it’s use.

    Of course by late 1998 actual full length titles were circulating throughout the media. And like those that are surfacing for the next Bond film they were of course false. The first of these titles that appeared was ‘Death Waits for No Man’. I can’t be sure where this title comes from of course. It was no doubt reported by a tabloid somewhere in the world. This rumoured title is of course based on a popular phrase and the notion that death comes like a thief in the night and waits for no man to have concluded his journey in life before he loses it. It is quite similair to the title of one of John Gardner’s novels ‘Death Is Forever’.

    Another title soon appeared again in 1998. It was ‘Fire and Ice’. Ice and James Bond rumoured titles have become very popular in deed. The 20th James Bond adventure has been dogged by the rumoured title of ‘Beyond The Ice’. There is something very popular with Bond and Ice indeed. Perhaps the same people are making these rumoured titles up?

    Moving on to 1999 the title ‘Pressure Point’ popped up. Why this rumour ever came into existance I cannot tell you. Pressure Point was already an MGM movie. It was in fact a 1962 MGM movie starring Sidney Poitier. Would MGM use the same title twice? I don’t think so.

    Of course in 1999 the title The World Is Not Enough was revealed, but strangely enough EON had denied it for quite some time before the announcement. Later on it was abbreviated by TWINE by most everyone, and officially for promotional purposes.

    Finally I’m told the title ‘Dangerously Yours’ did pop up at some stage. You can guess, yes it was only a rumour. It is no doubt a very Bond-esque title. And has only ever been used for two films, both from the 1930’s.

    So there are all the titles for the 19th James Bond film! And just to re-iterate:

    • Bond 19
    • Bond 2000
    • Death Waits for No Man
    • Fire and Ice
    • Pressure Point
    • Dangerously Yours
    • T.W.I.N.E.

    © Daniel Dykes, 2001