1. Exclusive: Official Bond Advert Found!

    By daniel on 2001-06-25

    We’re the first Bond site to publish it, the first official advert art released by MGM. One of our forum users, Zencat, today posted this in the Bond 20 Forums:

    I was just at MGM where I saw some ad art for Bond 20 in their annual report folder (it was just sitting in the lobby). Nothing too impressive, just a pic of Pierce (from TWINE, gray suit, arms folded) and the 007 logo with “Bond 20” written under it. It was set against a greenish graphic (very ’80s looking, I thought).

    Within an hour Zencat had found this advert online. And we have it here for you. We’ve doubled the size of the online picture and tried to clear it up. Unfortunately, it’s been given a bad border:

    The interesting thing about this image is that MGM published it in the ‘Interactive’ section of their report, which includes a lot of information about James Bond but only about the games. And while it’s obvious that it’s solely for Bond 20 I would personally write this down to a simple presentation mistake. Of course, one could speculate that a Bond 20 game is already on the drawing board.

    For further information visit the Bond 20 Forums, in particular this thread which Zencat started. There you can read others comments, make your own or wait for Zencat to post some more news on the picture.

    Thanks to Zencat for the tip-off and don’t forget, you heard it first from Bond 20 @ Blue Haze Movies!