1. Sir Sean Connery Is Star Guest At Edinburgh Film Festival

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-08-21

    Sir Sean Connery was the star guest at the 60th anniversary party of the Edinburgh International Film Festival – reports the BBC.

    Connery was presented with a Bafta Scotland Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film in addition to taking part in a forum where he discussed his rise to fame over the years.

    ‘It’s been going for 60 years and is the one continuous festival recognised by people like John Houston and Steven Soderbergh,’ said Connery. ‘Seventeen years ago he brought Sex, Lies and Videotape here – which sounds a bit like the Labour government. Anybody in the film world or who knows anything about movies is a supporter because it has produced lots and lots of successes, and it will produce even more because we have a plan to develop it even further.’

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