1. Jaws Gets Bed Of His Own

    By daniel on 2001-04-08

    Ananova has reported that Richard Kiel who played the Bond villain, Jaws, is to have a bed specially made when he visits Northampton next month.

    The 7ft 2in actor is one of dozens of celebrities signed up to take part in an autograph show. But because of his height and 24st weight, organisers have to draft in a local company to make the special bed.

    The company, Suite Dreams, says it hopes to raffle the bed once Mr Kiel returns to the US. No doubt it will be a Bond fan who will buy the bed.

    Keil first appeared as the man with the silver teeth in Roger Moore’s ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’. Jaws soon became an instant hit with Bond fans prompting his return to the Bond world in Mookraker – where he turns to the ‘good side’.

    The three-day Autographica 2001, will also include appearances from Dr Who star Tom Baker, Sir Patrick Moore and Leon Spinks. It begins on May 18.