1. The Bond 50

    By Jim on 2006-08-07

    “Give the people what they want…”

    CBn’s Member Survey: The Best Bond Bits

    During July 2006, CBn ran an online survey to establish what its forum members consider to be the “Best of Bond”; moments that typify Bond for them, or perhaps moments personal to them and standing out in their memories.

    With over 6,000 forum members and the books, the films, the videogames to choose from, the potential for a rich and varied selection was evident.

    And so it proved!

    And the survey went beyond even CBn’s expectations as forum members proved themselves—yet again—discerning, witty, considerate and thoughtful in explaining why they had chosen as they did.

    For example, which scenes are being described here?

    “If they wanted to make a statement about the glory days being back, it’s hard to think of anything more they could have done other than… no, it IS hard to think of anything more they could have done. All your Terminators and Lethal Weapons and Die Hards never did this, and that’s because only Bond could. And he sees them all off within seconds of the film starting. The guv’nor’s back. Fantastic.”


    “Incredible stuntwork; film after film they come up with something amazing. This is one of the best, probably the best.”

    or even…

    “Everything they knew about making James Bond films went into this chase and it shows.”

    Why wait to find out?


    Numbers 49 – 40

    Numbers 39 – 30

    Numbers 29 – 20

    Numbers 19 – 11

    Numbers 10 – 6

    Numbers 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

    Remember, if you want your say, join up to the CBn Forums and watch out for further surveys.

    And if you join up now, you can get your chance to vote for Number 50!

    Bond Moment Number 50

    Will your choice be that 50th Best Bond bit?

    Huge thanks for taking part to those who did; for those who did not, enjoy anyway.