1. Cleese To Star In 'Scorched'

    By daniel on 2001-05-14

    John Cleese, Q’s Assistant in the World Is Not Enough, has joined the cast of a new heist comedy Ananova has reported.

    The film is scheduled to begin production in Los Angeles at the end of the month and is being directed by Gavin Grazer. Cleese will co-star alongside Woody Harrelson, Rachael Leigh Cook and Alicia Silverstone.

    The film is about three bank employees, played by Harrelson, Silverstone and Paolo Costanzo, in a small desert town, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

    Each makes plans to rob the bank during the same weekend, unaware of the others’ schemes.

    Cook plays an embittered clothing store employee with plans of exacting revenge on a local millionaire, who will be played by Cleese.

    Cleese has confirmed that he will appear in Bond 20 which is due for release in November 2002. It has come to light recently that his character will most likely be ‘promoted’ to Q. You can discuss John Cleese in the Forums, see you there!