1. '007: A Literary Dossier' 2nd Edition Coming Soon

    By Devin Zydel on 2007-06-03

    3 June 2007 UPDATE: Paul Michael Kane has informed CBn that the release date of this second edition has been temporarily delayed due to other projects, but it is in line for an eventual release. Stay tuned to CBn for all the latest details. This article was originally posted on 23 July 2006.

    Paul Michael Kane will be releasing the second edition of his James Bond book, 007: A Literary Dossier in November of 2006. Visit the Young Bond Dossier for a picture of one of the images to feature in the book. The full press release follows:

    Author and graphic designer Paul Michael Kane today announced the second edition of his book 007: A Literary Dossier through his imprint PMK’s Imagination. The second edition features bonus material and all new artwork along with synopses of all 35 original James Bond novels, 7 movie novelizations and all spin-off novels to date.

    In February 2005, Kane released the first edition of 007: A Literary Dossier. The book, which premiered at the first New York City Comic Con, quickly sold out of its initial limited print run, prompting Kane to begin work on a second edition. The latest version will premiere cover art by the team of Dean Zachary and Mitch Foust as well as original, commissioned artwork depicting the literary incarnation of the title character James Bond, created by Ian Fleming in 1953.

    The second printing will be an unlimited release and feature synopses of not only the original James Bond novels, but of every movie novelization and spin off novel produced to date. Included in this edition will be Charlie Higson’s Young Bond book, The Moneypenny Diaries and more.

    Kane is proud to announce that the second edition of 007: A Literary Dossier has a planned release date of November 2006 which will coincide with the premiere of the new Bond movie, Casino Royal. Watch for more details at

    Press Release

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