1. The CBn Dossier, June '06

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-07-11

    Chris WrightDevin Zydel

    Welcome to the June 2006 CBn Dossier, a wrap-up of all the James Bond 007 news and rumours for the month. In this month’s column, we’ll be examining the constant news coming in on 2006’s Casino Royale, the many upcoming literary James Bond releases, the ‘Ultimate Edition’ James Bond DVDs, as well as other 007-related events, and much, much more.

    This month’s CBn Dossier will be delivered by Chris Wright and Devin Zydel. Apologies for the lateness of this month’s CBn Dossier.


    The ‘Casino Royale’ Report

    Unfortunately, June didn’t see the release of a second Casino Royale teaser trailer or the announcement of the title song performer (although David Arnold made a confirmation and a denial regarding that subject). However, a myriad of interesting set reports and pictures and a few rumours made this month far from boring.

    The month began with releasing fifteen pictures taken from the set at Lake Como, Italy, featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond and Eva Green as Vesper Lynd. Pictures from the set in the Czech Republic can be viewed in German Bond fan Heiko Lorson’s set report and here for photographs taken by Alex from Switzerland., revealed several exclusive pictures from the Bahamas set. One of the photographs near the bottom reveals an aspect of the plot some Bond fans may not want to know of until seeing the film. It is labeled as a spoiler so scroll down the page slowly if you want to avoid it. Later in the month, posted an exclusive insider report, complete with photographs from the set in Venice, Italy. Throughout the month, Yarborough posted four reports on the official Casino Royale website blog. His reports are stale when they’re posted which means there will continue to be “new” reports well after principal photography commences in late July. These reports are good despite Yarborough’s odd emphasis on Dame Judi Dench’s involvement but not a good source for up to date news on the production.

    Mads Mikkelsen and Eva Green spoke out about their characters Le Chiffre and Vesper Lynd, respectively, and the film this month. Mikkelsen spoke to The Sun and FilmFocus. Ms. Green spoke to Entertainment Tonight in a video report. Composer David Arnold also spoke to the media about Casino Royale this month. CBn reported that Arnold speaking to 6 Music, shut down the rumour that British electronic group Goldfrapp were selected to perform the title theme for the film. He also said that he is currently working on the title theme for the new 007 film with the chosen artist, who will be revealed to the public soon.

    The Aston Martin DB5 and Aston Martin DBS were revealed as the two cars in the upcoming James Bond: Casino Royale Carrera Go! racing set. Pictures and specs can be viewed here. Speaking of Aston Martin’s, The Sun reported on the fate of the three real Aston Martin DBS’s used by the 007 production here.

    Perhaps the most exciting news regarding Casino Royale this month is the Variety report that lucky Bond fans at the Euro Cinema Expo at the Amsterdam RAI convention center on 29 June got a chance to see twenty minutes of the film.

    Bonding With The Literary 007

    June started off with the official US release of Charlie Higson’s second Young Bond novel, Blood Fever. It was a magnificent success, just as the first novel, SilverFin, was in 2005. Blood Fever has since gone on to be praised by the New York Times, where it was labeled a ‘parent’s dream: young-adult beach reading from which the young adult can actually learn something. Via his exposure to weird Latin teachers, mysterious surrealists and gangsters with names like Count Ugo Carnifex, young James Bond, conveniently orphaned, learns about the etymology of the word “ogre” (Magyar), the Roman rape of Carthage, the wines of Oliena and the cult of Mithras.’

    In addition, details were finally released on the upcoming Young Bond graphic novel. SilverFin will be the first novel to get the graphic treatment, and is set for release in the summer of 2008. Artwork illustrations will be provided by Kev Walker. Also, for the 007 collectors: Blood Fever is set to be published in Sweden in March 2007. A German SilverFin audiobook edition was also announced and is due for release in September of 2006.

    For the fans looking to meet with author Charlie Higson, take notice! He will be making an appearance at the Edinburgh Book Festival, which is set to run between 12 – 28 August. He previously attended the Word Festival on 17 June, where he spoke about his Young Bond series.

    In other literary James Bond news, The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book, which is a ‘never-before compiled compendium of lists, facts, anecdotes, trivia, commentary, photos and much, much more, about the most valuable movie franchise in movie history’ was pushed to a September 2006 release.

    CBn also previewed a new James Bond book which will be released later this year. James Bond in the 21st Century: Why We Still Need 007 ‘provides an entertaining and smart look at secret agent 007. Leading writers look at the evolution of Fleming’s secret agent, the classic Bond debates, and the films’ deeper subtext, offering advice for Mr. Bond, would-be villains, and discarded Bond girls alike, discovering why we still need 007.’ It will be released in September 2006.

    It was also reported that ‘The Phoenix Project’ will be the newest James Bond collection from Titan Books. It will include The Black Ruby Caper, Til Death Do Us Part and The Torch-Time Affair in addition to the title story. It is slated for a February 2007 release.

    All CBn readers are encouraged to join the The Blades Library Book Club. June saw the club start reading Colonel Sun by Kingsley Amis.

    Ian Fleming’s 007 To Return

    The big news of June came near the very end of the month. all 14 of the Ian Fleming James Bond novels will be reprinted by Penguin UK on 26 October 2006. They will feature the retro cover artwork created by Roseanne Serra and Richie Fahey which was used for the 2002/2003 Penguin US editions. They will also feature brand new introductions by a collection of different authors. The complete list is: Jeffery Deaver, Louise Welsh, Michael Dibdin, Jonathan Kellerman, Charlie Higson, Simon Winder, Ben Schott, Barry Eisler, David Wolstencroft, Nick Stone, Val McDermid, Mo Hayder, Charles Cumming, and Robert Ryan. In addition, the Penguin Modern Classics collection will be completed in October 2006 as well with the release of the four Ian Fleming novels missed during the first run.

    The ‘Ultimate’ James Bond

    CBn rounded up all the latest news in regard to the upcoming release of the ‘Ultimate Edition’ James Bond 007 DVDs. Check out the article for front and back cover art, menu and screen caps, worldwide release dates, special features, technical specs, pre-ordering details, and much more.

    A View To A Kill, GoldenEye, and Tomorrow Never Dies will all be released with new certificates.

    A View To A Kill: 12 (Previously PG) CBn member ‘Bourne’ has pointed out that the back cover of the new A View To A Kill DVD states: ‘Some of the added value material has rated this film a 12’

    GoldenEye: UNCUT / 15 (Previously 12) As collected on the IMDb, GoldenEye has had an interesting history with the censors on both sides of the Atlantic. The headbutts featured during the battles between Xenia Onatopp and James Bond, as well as Bond and Alec Trevelyan had all been removed for the UK release. The US release (which features a PG-13 rating) reportedly trims down the shooting of Trevelyan during the pre-title sequence, the scene of the attack on Severnaya by Xenia, as well as her own death.

    Tomorrow Never Dies: UNCUT / 15 (Previously 12) Originally carrying a ’12’ certificate when first released in 1997, the IMDb reports that some footage (roughly six seconds worth), which included the throwing stars on the Stealth Ship, as well as Bond hitting a man’s face with his boot, were cut to qualify for the rating.


    Two new James Bond figures were announced by Sideshow in June. The first is the Roger Moore Premium Format figure. Premium Format/semi-articulated figures include authentic likeness, polystone head and hands, film accurate costume, and a James Bond themed base. It is expected to retail for $225.00.

    The next announcement was the Sean Connery Legacy Edition figure. The official announcement from Sideshow follows: ‘We’d like to take this opportunity to give Bond fans a peek at our next 12-inch figure: Sean Connery in his classic white tux! This will be the first in a new line of James Bond figures we call ‘The Legacy Collection.” This collection is meant to highlight the iconic look of different actors who played the sophisticated spy through the ages, rather than focusing on 007 from specific films.’ Both figures will be previewed at the Comic Con 2006 event in San Diego, California next month (19-23 July).

    007 Events

    Two major James Bond TV marathons took place in June of ’06. The first was the FilmFest HD marathon. Uncut, commercial-free, and in high definition, the marathon was hosted by David Hasselhoff. The next was AMC’s ‘Viva Bond!’ marathon, which included Bond double features for a week.

    Two James Bond film stars, David Hedison (Felix Leiter in Live And Let Die & Licence To Kill) and Priscillia Barnes (Della in Licence To Kill) appeared at the International Sports and Entertainment Festival in Cleveland, Ohio in mid-June.

    Fans who want to check out the 1967 spoof version of Casino Royale will get a chance in late July. The American Cinematheque Egyptian Theatre will be showing the film on Sunday, 30 July.

    Be sure to check out Charles Helfenstein’s excellent interview with Sylvan Whittingham Mason and Jonathan Whittingham, Jack Whittingham’s heirs. Read all about Thunderball, the swinging ’60s, and the unmade Ian Fleming biography film.

    Lastly, CBn would like to congratulate Sir Sean Connery, who was awarded the American Film Institute’s (AFI) Lifetime Achievement Award on Thursday, 8 June 2006. This being the 34th Lifetime Achievement awarded, it is one of the highest honours in film. The award was presented at a gala tribute in Los Angeles. The event was later broadcasted on TV.

    With over 550,000 posts and endless discussion topics, there has never been a better time to join the CBn Forums to discuss Casino Royale and all other Bond topics. Registration is free and only takes a minute. It’s safe to say that as Bond fans, we have a lot to look forward to. As always, stay tuned to CBn for daily coverage of all things James Bond 007.

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