1. Sideshow Sean Connery Legacy Edition Figure Available To Pre-order

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-07-08

    The Sideshow Sean Connery Legacy Edition figure, which was previously previewed on CBn is now available to pre-order.

    Set to be previewed at the Comic Con 2006 event in San Diego, California, (19-23 July) the Sideshow Sean Connery Legacy Edition figure is the first in this new line of James Bond figures.

    This new 12″ James Bond figure is accompanied by the announcement of the Roger Moore Premium Format figure and the Pierce Brosnan Legacy Edition figure, which will also be previewed in July. Click here for the first picture of this 007 figure on Sideshow. Additional pictures of this Sean Connery figure can be viewed here.

    The official announcement from Sideshow follows: ‘We’d like to take this opportunity to give Bond fans a peek at our next 12-inch figure: Sean Connery in his classic white tux! This will be the first in a new line of James Bond figures we call ‘The Legacy Collection.” This collection is meant to highlight the iconic look of different actors who played the sophisticated spy through the ages, rather than focusing on 007 from specific films.’

    This 007 figure is estimated to ship in the fourth quarter of 2006, and can be pre-ordered now at Sideshow for $44.99.

    The Legacy Collection Sean Connery as James Bond Figure includes:

    • Authentic Sean Connery portrait
    • Fully articulated body with 30+ points of articulation
    • Expertly tailored fabric costume
    • Accessories include:
    • Poker Chip w/ Sean Connery print
    • Martini Glass
    • Walther PPK
    • Rappelling Gun
    • Beretta 418
    • Watch
    • 12″ figure display stand featuring the 007 logo print

    Keep watching CBn for all the latest news on Casino Royale and all things James Bond 007.