1. Lady Victoria Hervey As Bond Girl?

    By daniel on 2001-06-06

    Lady Victoria Hervey is reputedly up for a part in the next James Bond movie, and it has apparently come straight from her own mouth.

    PeopleNews have reported as follows:

    According to Lady V, Bond producers are ‘considering’ casting her alongside Pierce Brosnan in the next 007 movie. ‘I’m desperate to be a Bond girl,’ she confesses. ‘That’s what I really want to do with my life. It’s been my dream to play one of those sexy, smart ladies. I’ve wanted to do it since I was a little girl.’

    It’s an interesting report – one that we cannot verify sadly. I’m (Daniel ‘Blue Eyes’ Dykes) not even sure how true to their word People News are. But if we find out more we’ll be sure to let you know.

    For those of you wondering who Lady Victoria is. Here’s a brief summary from PeopleNews.

    The most eager-to-please of London’s social butterflies is invited to more parties than Kate Moss and her only cosmetic surgery to date has been on her bellybutton: ‘It was an outy so I got it changed to an inny’. Half-sister of the notorious Marquess of Bristol (who once took pot shots at a dinghy full of nuns on the lake at Ickworth), Victoria was born in France, bred in Britain and boarded at Benenden. When mother stopped her pocket money for turning down a place to read French and Art History at Bristol, she became Michael Winner’s receptionist before fluttering around the catwalks of Europe for Christian Dior. A stormy on-off relationship with Danish restaurateur Mogens Tholstrup ended last year and a blind date with Prince Andrew finished abruptly when she left after the first course for a prior engagement at a lap-dancing club. Victoria renewed her acquaintance with the glamour world this year when she unintentionally made her page three debut, dressed only a pair of outsized sunglasses that contrasted with her modestly proportioned chests.

    With that in mind – as she’s quite a character – a role, no matter how minor, in Bond 20 would definetly draw attention to the film. So it could work as good publicity.

    In the end we can only wait and see. But feel free to discuss it in the Bond 20 Forums, a hive of activity right now. A thread entitled “Who Will Be The Bond Girl And Will She Be Sexy?”, which can be found here, has been going for a while and with 73 posts has quite a few suggestions and pictures. I’ve just added some sexy pictures of Lady V to this thread. Be sure to see you there!