1. 'The Phoenix Project' next James Bond comic collection from Titan

    By Evan Willnow on 2006-06-30 has learned that Titan Books next collection of James Bond Comics will be The Phoenix Project which is currently slated for a February of 2007 release.. The collection will include the title story along with “The Black Ruby Caper”, “’Til Death Do Us Part” and “The Torch-Time Affair”. All stories feature art by Yaroslav Horak and stories by Jim Lawrence.

    The story “The Phoenix Project” originally appeared in newspapers September 1974 to February 1975, “The Black Ruby Caper” appeared February 1975 – July 1975, “’Til Death Do Us Part” from July 1975 – October 1975, and “The Torch-Time Affair” from October 1975 – January 1976.

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