1. John Landis Under Consideration For Directors Chair?

    By daniel on 2001-06-11

    As we confirmed earlier this year there is currently no director signed to the Bond films. While Pierce Brosnan suggested director Ang Lee it is commonly known that EON Production are looking in different. And while I’ve heard one or two suggestions unofficially, one that I’m really sticking with, it seems that director John Landis may be under considerations from EON.

    That’s according to Popcorn.Co.Uk anyway.

    A source close to the production has told us that director John Landis is in strong contention to take the helm on ‘Bond 20’.

    And he may just be. Today was the first time I heard Landis mentioned, and my sources have little to say.

    For those of you who don’t know Landis he’s directed films such as The Blues Brothers and it’s sequel, Beverly Hills Cop III and Three Amigos. As for whether or not he’ll direct a Bond film I can’t really say.

    If true, Landis’ involvement would mark something of a departure from recent directors such as Michael Apted (‘The World Is Not Enough’) and Martin Campbell (‘Goldeneye’), given that the American is best known for giving us ‘The Blues Brothers’, ‘Coming To America’ and ‘Three Amigos’.

    So could we about to see James Bond acquiring a new sense of humour and donning dark shades? Apparently not, according to Eon Productions, the company behind the franchise. Their spokesperson told Popcorn that they “haven’t employed” anyone to take the director’s chair as yet. The same goes for the recent story about Lady Victoria Hervey being considered for a role. According to Eon “they are both rumours.”

    The list is growing as to who will direct Bond 20. And you can discuss it in the Bond 20 forums. There are quite a few threads relating to the director including this one.

    And remember you heard it first from Bond 20 @ Blue Haze Movies!