1. Rumoured Bond Girls Comprehensive List

    By daniel on 2001-06-14

    There have been many Bond Girl rumours for Bond 20. Frequent Bond 20 Forum visitor rubixcub, also known as David Ebersole, compiled a brilliant list a short while back that I (Daniel Dykes) just had to post.

    If you’re interested you can find the original post and replies to it in this thread of our forums.

    Gretchen Mol:

    Birthdate: 11/8/73

    Birthplace: Connecticut

    First Bond girl rumor anybody heard about the next film. Mol was in talks with Barbara Broccoli; no verdict yet and now after so long we’re deaming it highly unlikely. As you may recall, Bond hasn’t had a blonde leading lady in 12 years, since The Living Daylights. Since then, the only blondes have been bit parts. Assuming the film shoots from mid-January 2002 to Summer 2002, Gretchen Mol will be 28, just one year older then Denise Richards was during most of the filming for TWINE. On the plus side, she’s a Scorpio, the sign opposite Taurus (Brosnan); this bodes for some interesting results, and it worked in TWINE, as Sophie Marceau is also a Scorpio.

    Charlize Theron:

    Hair: Blonde (natural, too)

    Eyes: Green

    Birthdate: 8/7/75

    Birthplace: South Africa

    The only mention of Theron comes from Brosnan himself, who expressed his desire to have her in the next film (suggestive sentence, isn’t it?) Assuming the film shoots from mid-January 2002 to Summer 2002, she’ll be 26. It seems that only Brosnan has given us word about her, nothing from the producers, nothing official.

    Kirsty Gallacher:

    Birthdate: 1976 (exact date unknown)

    Birthplace: Scotland

    This rumor comes straight from Gallacher’s mouth and it must be noted that she has little, if any, previous acting experience. Still, she’s highly athletic (which always helps in an action film). A brunette, she was rumored for a kickboxing bad girl. Assuming the film shoots from mid-January 2002 to Summer 2002, she’ll be 25 or 26. A bit young, rather inexperienced, but good writing and directing might help. If she does make it into the cast expect her role to be about as big as the Cigar Girl’s in The World Is Not Enough

    Minnie Driver:

    Birthdate: 1/31/70

    Birthplace: England

    She expressed interest in becoming a Bond girl. Add to this the fact that she’s already appeared in one- she had a bit part as Irina, Zukovsky’s country singin’ Russian mistress in GoldenEye. She knows and has worked with the Bond people, and they DO rehire, often promoting actors to larger roles. Here’s an example:

    Charles Gray- Henderson in YOLT

    – Blofeld in DAF

    Walter Gotell- SPECTRE agent in FRWL

    – General Gogol in six films

    Robert Brown- admiral in TSWLM

    – M in four films

    Maud Adams- Andrea in TMWTGG

    – Octopussy

    Assuming the film shoots from mid-January 2002 to Summer 2002, she’ll be 32, the same age as Sophie Marceau in TWINE. Oh, and Minnie Driver also has an Oscar nod to her credit.

    Michelle Yeoh:

    Birthdate: 8/6/62

    Birthplace: Malaysia

    The only Bond girl of the last three films to achieve greater fame AFTER playing a Bond girl. It was Brosnan who expressed interest in working with her again. As we all know, she played Wai Lin in TND. Shot to stardom of her own in Ang Lee’s smash hit, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, garnering an Academy Award nomination. Assuming the film shoots from mid-January 2002 to Summer 2002, she’ll be 39. This may sound a staggering number, but Maud Adams was 38 when she played Octopussy. Michelle Yeoh was also recently included in People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People list. Only one Bond girl (the character, that is) ever returned, intended as a running gag, but it didn’t work out. The biggest question seems to be how her return would be handled. It should also be noted that Yeoh personally revealed in an interview that her agent was again talking with EON Productions.

    That’s quite an amazing list there. There are of course other rumoured girls mixed throughout the news who we didn’t mention. That would include most recently Lady Victoria Hervey.

    Finally, another big thank you to David Ebersole for posting this in the Bond 20 Forums to begin with, it’s greatly appreciated!