1. 'A View To A Kill' to be Released with '12' Certificate

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-06-16

    Following up the news that GoldenEye would be released uncut and that Tomorrow Never Dies would be released with a ’15’ certificate comes the news that the ‘PG’ certificate for Roger Moore’s final film, A View To A Kill, will be upgraded to a ’12’ for the ‘Ultimate Edition’ James Bond 007 DVD release.

    The IMDb reports that previous UK and German cuts consisted of two body kicks, the altering of an image in Maurice Binder’s risqué title sequence, the KGB agent being thrown into the pipe at Zorin’s factory, and Zorin’s and Scarpine’s attack on the workers in the mine. It is likely that some of these scenes have been changed to cause the certificate to move from ‘PG’ to ’12.’

    The film can be ordered from for a current price of £12.74.

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