1. 'GoldenEye' Set For Uncut 'Ultimate Edition' DVD Release

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-05-10

    The upcoming ‘Ultimate James Bond 007’ DVD release of GoldenEye will be, for the first time, uncut, featuring previously missing scenes.

    As the new DVD cover for GoldenEye shows, the Bond film will be released in the UK uncut for the first time. The certificate has thus been raised from a ’12’ to a ’15’ (a certificate that is shared by only one other Bond film–Licence To Kill).

    As collected on the IMDb, GoldenEye has had an interesting history with the censors on both sides of the Atlantic. The headbutts featured during the battles between Xenia Onatopp and James Bond, as well as Bond and Alec Trevelyan had all been removed for the UK release. The US release (which features a PG-13 rating) reportedly trims down the shooting of Trevelyan during the pre-title sequence, the scene of the attack on Severnaya by Xenia, as well as her own death.

    No word yet on whether or not the Licence To Kill ‘Ultimate Edition’ DVD release will be uncut or if the eventual US DVD release of GoldenEye will be uncut as well.

    The GoldenEye ‘Ultimate Edition’ special features:


    • DECLASSIFIED: MI6 VAULT Deleted Scenes With Introductions by Director Martin Campbell
    • Directing Bond: The Martin Chronicles
    • Building a Better Bond: Pre-Production Featurette
    • The Return of Bond – The Start of Production Press Event
    • Driven to Bond: Remy Julienne
    • Anatomy of a Stunt: Tank Versus Perrier
    • Making it in Small Pictures: Derek Meddings
    • On Location With Peter Lamont
    • GoldenEye: The Secret Files
    • Pre-Title Storyboard Sequence With Director Martin Campbell
    • MISSION CONTROL Interactive Guide Into the World of GoldenEye
    • MISSION DOSSIER Audio Commentary Featuring Martin Campbell and Michael G. Wilson
    • The World of 007 – Original 1995 Television Special Hosted by Elizabeth Hurley
    • The GoldenEye Video Journal Promotional Featurette
    • “GoldenEye” Music Video Performed by Tina Turner
    • MINISTRY OF PROPAGANDA Original Trailers, TV Spots, Photo Gallery & Radio Communications

    Pre-order the ‘GoldenEye’ ‘Ultimate Edition’ DVD from for £12.74. Release date: 17 July 2006.