1. 'SilverFin' Slithers Across Europe

    By Athena Stamos on 2006-04-27

    Now into its 11th printing in the UK, Charlie Higson’s bestselling first Young Bond novel SilverFin is slowly rolling out worldwide. Here’s a look at some of the international editions along with their cover art.

    Italian SilverFin

    Italy: Published by Mondadori Junior and translated by Stefano Valenti with cover art designed by Daniele Orizio with Fernando Ambrosi as art director. (COVER RIGHT)

    Germany: Called Stille Wasser sind tödlich (Silent Waters Are Deadly) this German edition by Arena was published half a year after the original UK release. Arena has just published Young Bond Book 2: Blood Fever. (CLICK FOR COVER ART)

    Hungary: Published by Gloria Kiadó and translated by István Kovács, the book is a hardcover-only that appeared around Christmas last year. The cover art is by Hungarian artist Judit Beck. According to CBN Forum member The Cat, “[SilverFin] wasn’t exactly a great success so there aren’t many copies out there and chances of a reprint are slim.” (COVER ART)

    Dutch SilverFin

    The Netherlands: This Dutch paperback was released by pimento kinderboeken in 2006. Pimento kinderboeken has also launched their own Young Bond page on their official website. (COVER LEFT)

    France: Released as Opération silverfin: la jeunesse de james bond by Gallimard Jeunesse. Unlike recent international editions which have opted for a new cover design featuring Hellebore’s castle on Loch Silverfin, this French edition returns to the traditional eel art. (CLICK FOR COVER)

    Sweden: Tiden released SilverFin as Silverfena in March 2006. (CLICK FOR COVER)

    SilverFin has also been published in Norway (CLICK FOR COVER) and in Portugal (CLICK FOR COVER ).