1. Ultimate Edition DVDs Due for Release July 17 in UK

    By Athena Stamos on 2006-04-17

    The new remastered ‘James Bond Ultimate Editions’ DVDs will be released in the UK on July 17, 2006. The discs can be ordered individually or in a Monster Box now at CBn has confirmed that this IS in fact the UK release date.

    James Bond Ultimate Edition DVD advert

    The U.S. release is not yet known. However, it makes sense that at least one of the new U.S. Collector Sets will be released to coincide with the d├ębut of Daniel Craig as 007 in Casino Royale on November 17.

    As previously reported, a preview for the new collector sets is attached to the Sony/Columbia DVD release of Fun with Dick and Jane.

    Remastered and restored using a “breakthrough digital process” by Lowry Digital, all 20 films will feature DTS 5.1 surround sound and have loads of new extras including “never before seen footage” and “Top Secret Files” on “The Bond Women” and “Exotic Locations.”

    Sir Roger Moore will provide commentary for all his movies on a separate audio track. Sir Roger recorded his commentary in Monaco during September of last year.

    Stay tuned to CBn for all the latest on the upcoming James Bond Ultimate Edition DVDs.

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