1. 'James Bond and Philosophy' Coming In September

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-04-07

    A new book on 007 is slated for release in 2006. James Bond and Philosophy, edited by James B. South and Jacob M. Held is due for release on 23 September 2006 from both Amazon US and Amazon UK.

    This new Bond book is made up of 15 essays covering the ‘hidden issues in Bond’s world’ as PGW reports. At 320 pages in length, the book will be published by the Open Court Publishing Company and can currently be pre-ordered from Amazon US for a discounted price of $11.67. The description blurb follows:

    “Bond. James Bond.” Since Sean Connery first uttered that iconic phrase in Dr. No, more than one quarter of the world’s population has seen a 007 film. Witty and urbane, Bond seduces and kills with equal ease — often, it seems, with equal enthusiasm. This enthusiasm, coupled with his freedom to do what is forbidden to everyone else, evokes fascinating philosophical questions. Here, 15 witty, thought-provoking essays discuss hidden issues in Bond’s world, from his carnal pleasures to his license to kill. Among the lively topics explored are Bond’s relation to existentialism, including his graduation “beyond good and evil”; his objectification of women; the paradox of breaking the law in order to ultimately uphold it like any “stupid policeman”; the personality of 007 in terms of Plato’s moral psychology; and the Hegelian quest for recognition evinced by Bond villains. A reference guide to all the Bond movies rounds out the book’s many pleasures.

    Publishers Group West (PGW)

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