1. Win 'Blood Fever' Collector's Cards

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-03-08
    Blood Fever

    Charlie Higson’s ‘Blood Fever’

    Lucky CBn members now have a chance to win a set of five Young Bond trading cards based on the characters featured in Charlie Higson’s successful novel, Blood Fever. The cards have been selling very quickly on eBay lately, so this is a competition not to miss! The cards included are: 001: Zoltan The Magyar, 003: Amy Goodenough, 004: Victor Delacroix, 005: Vendetta, and 006: Count Ugo Carnifex. The cards are contained in a resealable Blood Fever envelope.

    You must be a registered member of the CBn Forums with a mailing address located in the continental United States and answer the following questions correctly to be eligible to win. Not yet a member of CBn? Register here – it is free and only takes a minute!

    To enter, fill out the following questionnaire and e-mail it to [email protected] (Subject: CBn Blood Fever) by Midnight EST on 15 March 2006.

    1. What’s your CBn Forum Screen Name?
    2. Who is the Bond girl in Blood Fever?
    3. How many Young Bond novels in total is Charlie Higson slated to write?

    All those who answer correctly will be put into a drawing and the winner will be sent a Private Message (PM) via the CBn Forums to the Screen Name they provided to inform them of their winning. The winner must respond to this PM within 3 days with the requested information (name, address, etc) or another drawing will be held. The winner will be announced once shipping information has been received. The item will be shipped from New York, USA. In the event that a prize has been stolen or mishandled during shipment, CBn will not be able to replace the specific item — this has yet to be a problem.