1. 'James Bond: The Legacy' Reprinted In August 2006

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-03-02
    James Bond: The Legacy

    James Bond: The Legacy

    UPDATE: It has been revealed that this is not a reprint of James Bond: The Legacy.

    For fans who missed the chance to purchase the in-depth 007 book, James Bond: The Legacy by John Cork and Bruce Scivally when it was originally released in 2002, there will be another chance this year. Coming on 1 August 2006 in the US (specific UK August date to be announced) is a reprint of the very large cinematic Bond book.

    When originally released four years ago, this Bond book met with very favourable reviews. With over 300 pages of pictures and coverage on everything from Dr. No to Die Another Day, the book is a must for Bond fans.

    This new hardcover reprint will be quite lower in price compared to the original, and both the UK and US versions are discounted even further at this moment on Amazon. The prices are currently £12.91 in the UK and $16.49 in the US. Don’t miss out!

    Pre-order ‘James Bond: The Legacy’

    Pre-order James Bond: The Legacy from (August 2006)

    Pre-order James Bond: The Legacy from (1 August 2006)