1. Charlie Higson's 'SilverFin' – The International Paperback

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-02-27
    Young Bond Book 1 - SilverFin

    Young Bond Book 1: SilverFin

    Charlie Higson’s SilverFin was a fantastic debut for the literary 007 author, and Blood Fever has done even better, triggering many print runs and massive sales. There have been audiobooks as well as Large Print editions. In all, a very successful run so far.

    When the UK 1st edition paperback of Higson’s first Young Bond novel was released, the big news of the time was the printing error that had collectors searching to make sure they had indeed secured a first edition. The US hardback edition followed as well as a paperback edition on Amazon (not to be confused with the true US paperback edition of the novel). Thanks to some investigations on CBn, forum member rafterman pointed out (view pictures of the edition here as well) the paperback was actually an international trade edition of the novel, published by Miramax/Hyperion and retailing for $7.99. A quick way to set this edition apart from others is to check to see if it says ‘INTERNATIONAL EDITION’ on the spine.

    Speaking from personal experience here, trying to purchase this edition from the Amazon link only resulted in delay after delay and so on. This is definitely one of the most difficult editions of SilverFin to obtain… but that is what makes collecting fun.

    Let the hunt continue.