1. Charlie Higson Completes 'Young Bond Book 3'

    By Devin Zydel on 2006-02-17

    The Young Bond news never ends. Following yesterday’s article that the second novel by author Charlie Higson, Blood Fever would be unedited in the US, comes today’s news in regards to Young Bond Book 3.

     Young Bond by Kev Walker

    Young Bond by Kev Walker

    CBn forum member zencat of The Young Bond Dossier reports that Higson has completed work on the third (currently untitled) novel in the hugely successful Young Bond series – which is due for release in the UK in January 2007. What is especially interesting to note is that a past character from the Young Bond series will be making a return appearance in this novel. Whom exactly this character will be is not known at this point.

    Young Bond Book 3 is set in the darkest corners of London and has James Bond facing off against Russian spies. The Young Bond Dossier now adds that a section of the climax of the novel will be “set on the old London docks,” and that the book will take place over the course of only two days.

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