1. The Podcast has returned

    By David Winter on 2006-02-03

    It’s been two months since our last Podcast episode – apologies for the delay! But it’s back. As promised.

    In this new episode, CBn’s Charlie Axworthy gives it a shot discussing all the latest news in the Bond world including the Vesper Lynd casting rumours, Aston Martin’s, Blood Fever and more.

    We’re also introducing a new project that CBn has been working on with Rich Douglas – a Casino Royale fan music score. In this episode we start off with the “Gun Barrel and Balcony Fight”. Rich Douglas introduces the track and project letting you know exactly what’s in store for future episodes in the coming months.

    You can get the latest episode automatically from iTunes if you’re subscribed using our subscription URL – If not, you can download the episode directly in enhanced format or a standard MP3. What’s the difference? The enhanced version includes pictures and links to all the related stories on CBn. It’s also more than half the download size and far superior in terms of audio quality.

    As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on the podcast! Please email us using this form.