1. Young Bond International Versions

    By Heiko Baumann on 2006-01-27
    Blood Fever

    German Blood Fever (Only Death Returns) cover art

    Charlie Higson’s best-selling 2nd Young Bond novel, Blood Fever is due to be released in Germany, again by Arena-Verlag. While the German SilverFin – Stille Wasser sind tödlich (Silent waters are deadly) was published half a year after the original release, the time span for Blood Fever – which will be named Zurück kommt nur der Tod (Only Death Returns) – will be only three months: it will hit German shelves in March. An exact date has not yet been given, Arena is planning a press release for mid February.

    The book will be in the same make as Stille Wasser sind tödlich, soft cover with double flaps, embossed and by use of the glittery holographic foil. It will be 352 pages at a size of 14 x 21 cm. Price will be 9,95 Euros, ISBN 3-401-05871-1.

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    A final decision wether Arena will also publish the upcoming Young Bond novels #3, #4 and #5 has not yet been made. They were “quite satisfied” with sales figures for SilverFin, but no exact numbers were given. This’ll surely depend on how Blood Fever will do on the German market.

    Meanwhile, French fanclub Club 007 France has revealed that publisher Gallimard Jeunesse has purchased the rights for a French release of SilverFin. No exact release date or further details have been given, only that the book will be released “some time in 2006”. Gallimard is no stranger to the world of James Bond: they had published the first French versions of Bond Novels, Diamonds Are Forever (Chauds les gla├žons !) in 1957 and Moonraker (Entourloupe dans l’azimut) in 1958.