1. Aston Martin DB5 Going Once… Going Twice…

    By Athena Stamos on 2006-01-08
    1964 Aston Martin DB5 Coupe (Lot No. 155)1964 Aston Martin DB5 Coupe (Lot No. 155)

    RM Auctions is proud to offer up for auction, for the first time in 25 years, the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Coupe (Lot No. 155). The Aston Martin DB5 was featured in both Goldfinger and Thunderball staring Sean Connery (James Bond). This DB5 which is up for sale is one of only four James Bond cars originally constructed and used for film, tour and promotional use (Chassis No. DB5/2008/R). It is one of only three that exist today and remains in completely original, low mileage condition.

    Most importantly, this car will be offered without reserve and represents a rare opportunity to acquire one of, if not the most famous cars of all time. The sale will be held at the Arizona Biltmore, in Phoenix, AZ on January 20, 2006. Along with the car comes a thick history file with correspondence from Sir Anthony Bamford, supporting documentation from the factory, original logbook and owner’s handbook with only three distinguished owners in total.

    Special James Bond ‘Optional Extras’

    * Front and rear extending hydraulic over-rider rams on bumpers.
    * Front firing .30 caliber Browning “prop” machine guns powered by oxy/acetylene system in boot.

    Wheel mounted tire slasherWheel mounted tire slasher

    * Wheel mounted tire slasher (three eared spinner)
    * Retractable rear bullet proof screen – heavy 1/4″ steel plate
    * Radio telephone concealed in secret driver’s door compartment
    * Radar scanner in racing type wing mirror with tracking screen in the cockpit
    * Passenger ejector seat – with removable roof panel (seat since replaced with standard seat)
    * Oil slick ejector from left side rear light cluster
    * Triple spiked nails (caltrops) eject from the right side rear light cluster
    * Smoke screen released through separate rear system – located next to rear exhaust
    * Revolving number plates (3) YRE 186H on yellow – 007JB on white – JB007 on black
    * Armaments drawer under front driver seat

    ## History of the DB5/2008/R

    * **1966** Known as the ‘Press Car’ DB5/2008/R was dispatched to America. With Thunderball onscreen in every town, the Press Car was kept very busy with national and local appearances and a cross-country tour.
    * **1969** DB5/2008/R was road registered for the first time in the UK and used by Sir Anthony Bamford at his Midlands estate.

    Radar scanner tracking screenRadar scanner tracking screen

    Buttons & switches for all Q's Gadgets

    Buttons & switches for all Q’s Gadgets

    * **1970** Sir Anthony Bamford put the car up for sale, at which point it was acquired by American collector B.H. Atchley, owner of the Smoky Mountain Car Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The James Bond Aston Martin was immediately put at the very front of the museum where it became the featured display piece for the past 35 years. Notably, the Aston was started and left to idle annually ensuring its proper mechanical operating condition.
    * **2005/2006** The car was removed from the museum just months before the auction and sent to RM Restorations to prepare and evaluate the car for the January auction. Cosmetically, the Aston remains in almost 100 percent original condition. The Silver Birch paint has faded and shows some areas of more significant wear, and while there are minor chips and scratches throughout the higher stress areas of the car, it appears there is no evidence of damage or collision anywhere on the car. True to form, the engine runs great, the gearbox is as tight and smooth as one expects on a well-preserved original car and the overall driving experience is nothing short of perfection. It is now ready for sale at RM Auctions’ 2006 Arizona Biltmore Auction.

    Also in the celebrity line up for Arizona sale are Al Capone’s bullet-proof 1928 Cadillac Sedan, Hank Williams Jr. customized 1964 Bonneville Conv. featuring a hand-tooled leather interior, 18 mounted
    pistols and guns, and 576 silver dollars, Elvis Presley’s Mercedes 280 SEL, Sheriff Bufford Pusser’s Oldsmobile Toronado, Billy Carter’s Redneck Express Truck and Hee Haw star Stringbean’s Cadillac.