1. 'Everything Or Nothing' Soundtrack Now Online

    By Matt Weston on 2006-01-01
    Sean Callery

    Sean Callery

    As promised, Electronic Arts (EA) have begun making their videogame soundtracks now available via Digital Service Providers (DSPs) around the world.

    The first of EA’s James Bond soundtracks to go online is Sean Callery’s score to 2004’s Everything Or Nothing. The 21-track album is part of EA’s recent announcement it will roll out more than 3,000 minutes of original music from the company’s videogames for distribution online.

    Each track from Everything Or Nothing is available to purchase from Rhapsody for $0.99, or the whole album can be bought for $9.99.

    The track listing is as follows.

    1. James Bond Theme
    2. Russian Liar
    3. Bond Jumps Through Glass
    4. Collecting Stuff in New Orleans
    5. Bond Escapes Fortress
    6. Crash into Lobby
    7. Entering the Train
    8. Save Katya
    9. Graveyard at Night
    10. Jaws
    11. Mine Facility Fight
    12. Plantation Hand to Hand Combat
    13. Rooftop Bike Chase
    14. Quick Action
    15. Russian Tank
    16. Sneaking Around the Train Cars
    17. Train Chase
    18. The Crematorium
    19. Tank Battle 2
    20. Bond in Sneak Mode
    21. Winning the Trophy

    Sean Callery is the Emmy Award-winning composer for Fox’s real-time thriller series, 24.

    Online soundtrack releases of Paul Oakenfold’s GoldenEye: Rogue Agent score and Christopher Lennertz’s From Russia With Love score are forthcoming; keep watching CBn for details of these as they come to hand.