1. "The Boats of Bond" 2006

    By Athena Stamos on 2005-12-27

    The New York National Boat Show is giving attendees the chance to see five authentic super spy vessels straight out of 007 films from December 31 to January 8. The Show’s first-ever “Boats of Bond” Exhibit, presented in association with the Ian Fleming Foundation, will showcase memorabilia and actual boats from James Bond films.

    To celebrate the “Boats of Bond” Exhibit, the New York National Boat Show will host “Bond Day” on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2006. Attendees who come in costume as Agent 007, a Bond Girl, a Bond Villain or other principal characters from the five movies with boats represented at the show will receive $2 off admission. Costumed attendees can also enter to win prizes. Judging will take place at 7:00p.m. at the “Boats of Bond” Exhibit. A special prize will be given to the Bond-alike who best delivers the famous line: “The name is Bond, James Bond.

    The Boats of Bond to Be on Display w/ 007 Memorabilia

    Thunderball: Tow Sled (1965)
    The underwater tow sled was used by James Bond and the villain Largo. There were 14 boats originally built for the production company. Today, there are only two known to exist. The original builder, Jordan Klein, owns the other remaining sled.

    The Bath-O-Sub

    For More 007 vehicle photos visit the CBn IFF Image Gallery

    Moonraker Glastron Amazon Chase Boat

    Diamonds Are Forever: Bath-O-Sub (1971)
    The underwater bath-o-sub is one of two originally featured in the film and was used by 007’s nemesis, Blofeld, to escape from the oil-drilling platform that doubled as his headquarters. It can be seen as Blofeld climbs inside and is lowered over the side of the oil platform.

    Moonraker: Glastron Amazon Chase Boat (1979)
    This sleek Glastron Amazon chase boat is often compared to the Aston Martin DB5. With its hidden rocket launchers, floating mines and escaping hang-glider, it was as lethal as its earth bound counterpart. All of the gadgetry seen on this boat actually worked.

    For Your Eyes Only: Neptune Submarine (1981)
    This Neptune submarine is one of two originally built by the film’s production company. This is the actual working wet submersible that was seen throughout most of the film. It had to be operated by stunt men using scuba gear.

    The World Is Not Enough: Q Boat (1999)
    Major Boothroyd’s famous Q boat. Fifteen boats were originally built for the production. Today only 8 survive. The Q Boat that performed the barrel roll stunt seen on the screen will be on display.

    New York National Boat Show
    Javits Convention Center
    35th St. & 11th Av.
    New York City, NY 10001

    Saturday (Dec. 31) 10am-3 pm
    Sunday (Jan. 1 & Jan. 8) 11am-6pm
    Saturday (Jan. 7) 10am-8pm
    Monday-Friday (Jan. 2-6) noon-8pm

    Ticket prices:
    Adults $15
    Youth 13-15 $8 (with adult admission).
    12 and under FREE (with adult admission)
    A special Two-Day Discounted Ticket is $25
    Elite Fleet Club ticket (w/ VIP lounge, free drink coupon and hors d’oeuvres) one-day membership $35; two-day membership $60

    After the NY National Boat Show, the “Boats of Bond” Exhibit will be at the Atlanta Boat Show from Jan. 11-15, the Baltimore Boat Show from Jan.21-29 and the Atlantic City International Power Boat Show from Feb. 1-5.

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